About Me

Jeremy with guitar


I'm a guitar player and singer songwriter with live sound and studio engineering experience living in South County, Rhode Island.

Born and raised in an artistic, blue collar region of Down East Maine, making music was a family tradition. My mother sang and my father played guitar every chance he got. When my older brother started taking guitar lessons, I felt compelled to do the same even though I was only in second grade.

“Camptown Ladies” and “Buffalo Gals” taught me basic coordination, but failed to fulfill my rockstar dreams. I took a break from serious playing until my brother entered high school and started hanging out with really cool guitar players. I wanted to be a really cool guitar player.

My first taste of the spotlight came my Junior year of high school when my first band  auditioned for a three-song set for our school’s Arts Festival. The festival director was so impressed, she asked us to fill two hours since the main act could no longer make it. We said sure, then crammed like crazy to learn as many covers as we could in a week. Somehow we pulled it off.

My next band was asked to play the WinterFest Dance the following year, and then we gigged out across the state! Sure, we played the birthday party circuit, but we also played actual clubs. At The Penny Post in Old Town, a band we didn’t even know was opening for us and brought  friends who were taking excessive liberties with stage access. Not wanting them to wreck our gear, or really even be on stage with us, we asked our friends to “just make sure nobody gets on stage while we’re playing”. Having admirably completed the assigned task, the owner mentioned to us at the end of the night that we were the first band to play there who brought their own security crew.

After High School, I deferred my college acceptance for a year, and continued playing and writing songs while working. Working in the real world was about as inspiring as “Camptown Ladies” and “Buffalo Gals”. I happily went off to the University of New Haven to study Music & Sound Recording. I played music with a bunch of classmates and started a band that gigged out on a regular basis doing covers and original material.

After college, my roommates and I built a studio in the house we rented. Literally, the whole house. Drums in the living room, guitar amps in the upstairs landing, vocals in the bathroom. We made a self-produced collection of songs, but ‘tis a rare copy that exists today.

I relocated to RI and have played in several cover bands, worked on recording projects in support of other artists, did a ton of live sound in and around Newport, RI and now have a much updated home studio here. The past six and a half years have found me focused on writing and recording with 610 Supertanker and gigging out with TransMission. I am also working on writing and recording my debut EP. “Camptown Ladies” and “Buffalo Gals” will not be on it.